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Talmadge Lowe

Beverage Director, Pharmacie Founder

Talmadge Lowe crafts his approach to hospitality like any of his exquisite cocktails. Take the expertise of crafting signature cocktails, stir in the pursuit of fresh ideas, and add in a touch of southern hospitality. He started in New York as a bartender, where he mastered the art of cocktails at the famous Orso restaurant. In 2002, he headed to Los Angeles where he gained invaluable experience as an Event Manager at The Kitchen For Exploring Foods, running Akasha Restaurant’s catering department, and as the Director of Events at Joan’s on Third. After helping launch catering company Heirloom LA, he started a roving underground speakeasy called Pharmacie. The news of the cutting edge idea spread fast, which led Lowe to open it as a business after only three years. Pharmacie then joined Hospitality Collaborative to deliver full, customized hospitality services. Hospitality Collaborative has given Talmadge the opportunity to further grow the concept of elevated beverage catering and embrace the new world of the cultural cocktail phenomenon.